Plesk 12.0 was released and is already available for deployment. The general availability mark will be set a little bit later, but now this release is in the “early adopter” stage. This means that you can install it right now and start using the new features.

Like any technology, especially in the current day and age, it has to have an emphasis here, especially if its primary focus, or location, is the internet. Parallels Plesk 12 is no exception.

Gladly, version 12 comes with a raft of changes and new features which ensure it has security firmly at the core of the latest release, including:

  • ModSecurity - One of the key additions to Plesk 12 is ModSecurity, which is a free, web application firewall, designed to help detecting and preventing attacks on web applications, such as Wordpress and Joomla.
  • Fail2ban - Fail2Ban is used to update firewall rules to reject the IP addresses for a specified amount of time, along with other, configurable, actions.
  • Outbound Email Limiting - This was implemented in Plesk 12, as a way for systems administrators to protect their server’s IP addresses from being put into spam blacklist, due to outgoing spam.
  • WordPress installation - Now customers can update several WordPress installations at the same time. Several WordPress plugins and themes can also be updated at the same time, as well as individually.
  • Setup button - Users can now add custom buttons to the website tools area in Websites & Domains.
  • New Plesk Interface - Links, buttons and menu items on the Plesk UI that lead to new functionality are now marked with a red arrow. Red arrows disappear after the user proceeds to the pages containing new functionality.
  • Secure - Extended security restrictions for file permissions and configuration files are now applied to new WordPress installations.
  • IIS performance - The performance of IIS-based servers with large numbers of subscriptions was improved.

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