Web hosting provider ASPHostPortal.com (www.asphostportal.com) announced this week that it has support of ASP.NET MVC 6.0 Hosting. The ASP.NET MVC 6.0 Framework is the latest evolution of Microsoft’s ASP.NET web platform. ASP.NET MVC 6 represents a fundamental change to how Microsoft constructs and deploys web frameworks. The goal is to create a host agnostic framework that eliminates the dependencies on the legacy System.Web infrastructure.

Included in MVC 6 is Web API and Web Pages, allowing Microsoft to remove a lot of the overlap between the three frameworks. One result of this change means that MVC will be self-hosting just like Web API 2 and SignalR 2. MVC 6 has no dependency on System.Web since it was quite expensive. A typical HttpContext object graph can consume 30K of memory per request and working with small JSON-style requests this is very costly. With MVC 6 it is reduced to roughly 2K. The result is a leaner framework, with faster startup time and lower memory consumption.

“We have always up to date for the products by Microsoft offers. With the launched of ASP.NET MVC 6 hosting services, we hope that developers and our existing clients can try this new features.” said Dean Thomas, Manager at ASPHostPortal.com.

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