Designers need a solid foundation that gives us almost everything a typical website would require but is flexible enough for customization. Thanks to hundreds of hours spent by some developers and companies, we now have dozens of CSS Frameworks to choose from. Among all the available CSS frameworks out there, Bootstrap is my favorite and also one of the most widely used.

Bootstrap is the new technology that is integrated with the ASP.NET web project templates. It is builtin with the projects that provides responsive design and theming capabilities. Bootstrap is a sleek and powerful front-end framework for faster web development. The project templates based on bootstrap technology provides attractive themes for the web development. Bootstrap is front-end framework for easy and faster web development. This post explains how to use Bootstrap in  ASP.NET applications and outlines some of the features of this framework. Create a new ASP.NET project in Visual Studio 2013 and execute it then you will see the look and feel of the page as below.

If you want to get the above look without using Bootstrap then you have to write lot of custom CSS. Now all ASP.NET default templates like MVC, Web forms, Single Page applications and Web API are using Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap version 3 is integrated in Visual Studio 2013. The above screen scales well on different devices. If you look at the CSS code to achieve is very few lines as shown below

In order to get the Bootstrap into your project, go to Manage NuGet packages window and type Bootstrap in search box then you will find the package

Once you install the package then it brings the following files into your project, All the CSS and JavaScript files related Bootstrap framework are bundled for you to get you better performance.

Another integration feature for Bootstrap is Bootswatch, which helps you to theme your site. To apply theme to your site go to Bootswatch site and choose the theme which you like and download and copy the CSS and overwrite the  Bootstrap.css in your project. After applying one of the sample free theme then the site looks as below, In matter of seconds you can quickly change the theme of your site.

Another key feature of Bootstrap is dealing with the images, it makes the image experience as responsive without writing any code! just use the class name img-responsive.

It adds the responsive behaviour to the image and it make sure to render nicely in your site.

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