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Cheap WebSocket Hosting Tutorial :: How to Enable or Disable WebSocket Protocol on Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8

clock July 15, 2014 08:32 by author Ben

Websocket implements the server side of the WebSocket protocol. The WebSocket protocol is a protocol introduced in HTML5, intended to replace Comet and other long-polling solutions, to provide a rich communication mechanism over HTTP. The WebSocket protocol was standardized by IETF as RFC 6455. We could find introductions and more information on Wikipedia and W3C.

Microsoft .NET 4.5 provides several ways in using WebSocket. On the server side, we can host our WebSocket server through any one of the ways below:

  • Using HttpContext.AcceptWebSocketRequest
  • Creating a WCF service with CallbackContract and the new netHttpBinding
  • Using WebSocketHandler or WebSocketHost provided in Microsoft.WebSockets.dll

Here is the step by step how to enable WebSocket Protocol on Windows
Server 2012 and Windows 8 on server side:

NOTE: The web server must be IIS 8 and above.

Enable WebSocket Protocol in Windows Server 2012

On Windows Server 2012, you could do that through Server Manager -> Manage -> Add Roles and Features. -> Expand the Web Server (IIS) role and check Web Server -> Application Development -> WebSocket Protocol.

Enable WebSocket Protocol in Windows 8

Open "Control Panel" -> Open "Turn Windows features on or off" -> Expand Internet Information Services” -> Expand World Wide Web Services” -> ExpandApplication Development Features" -> Checklist WebSocket Protocol and clickOK

Disable WebSocket when using on node.js

If you are using the WebSocket support in on node.js in your site, you will need to disable the default IIS WebSockets module by adding the below snippet to your web.config or applicationHost.config. If this is not done, the IIS WebSockets module will attempt to handle the WebSocket communication rather than letting this task fall through to node.js (and hence your application). This will result in unexpected errors when you attempt to access your site.

    <webSocket enabled=”false”/>

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