These days there are plenty of options available in case of frameworks as well as programs for the creation of webpages. One program that helps in easy scripting as well as programming is ASP.NET; jQuery gives great benefit to the program. The open source light weight JavaScript library called jQuery is a fantastic option for easy and fast HTML DOM manipulation as well as traversing, client side animations as well as scripting, event handling, etc. It also helps in easy integration of your SharePoint and ASP.Net applications. The combination of both the programs is quite intriguing which helps you create server-side dynamic websites very easily.

You can use both together very easily. Microsoft programs in fact, are bundled with jQuery so that it may be used with ASP.Net. Visual Studio is one such program which acts as the key for the creation of web pages along with coding in several languages through intellisense. In case, there is no integration between the two you simply have to download the recent jQuery library which is easily available from; then copy or unzip the file in the website project's root directory.


More functionality with less writing - A huge benefit offered by this is that very less code is needed for performing of several complicated client side operations by virtue of several chaining mechanisms, selector expressions support along with other familiar features that make it easier to conduct complex DOM manipulation. The chaining mechanism helps in code reduction.

Easy, fast and lightweight -
From point of size the library is only 20KB in compressed form which makes it light, as such the execution time is less as well. When using the platform, the sheer simplicity can be easily understood. When compared to the normal JavaScript code, the development time is quite less. There are also no security risks associated; it may be included in the project simply like any JavaScript file.

Different codes than HTML mark ups - Client side scripts can be easily separated from HTML mark ups by virtue of the library. The program's $(document).ready() function enables this function. When the library is being used, the HTML code can be made neat with the combination of any JavaScript code. In fact the code can even be separated into separate file to link it to aspx page.

Cross browser compatibility -
The code is compatible with every browser which prevents any necessity for writing individual client side code meant for various browsers. When using the program to maintain cross browser compatibility, the css properties should be set so that they are compatible accordingly.

Presence of several plug-ins - The internet has several plug-ins freely available for use in the projects. There is a huge directory of plug-ins which accounts for the high jQuery usage which is growing each day. In fact, many of the available plug-ins may be re-used.

Lightweight and easy Ajax application -
A huge advantage of using the library lies in the development of light weight Ajax application with JSON support in ASP.Net. The library helps in prevention of bulky UpdatePanel control meant for Ajax communications.

Use of Content Distribution Network for internet sites - For the sites which are hosted on internet, the using of library hosted by Google CDN becomes easy. Major open source widely used JavaScript libraries are used globally across sites by virtue of the network. This helps in the management of recent updates, bug fixes as well as provision of high speed access for better caching.

Other advantages are easy integration between jQuery and ASP.NET Ajax projects and extension of existing functionality. In fact, the benefits do not simply stop with those mentioned here. When the platform is actually used, then only you will be able to understand a lot more points. There are no security risks associated with the usage which gives yet another benefit to the developers.

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