This article shows how to restrict the use of cut, copy and paste by the end user in the whole page.

In the real world, sometimes a developer needs to restrict a basic facility such as cut, copy and paste on an entire web page but not on a specific control. At that time you will need some easy way to stop these kinds of facilities on the page but not create code in every control to disable these facilities.
Suppose you have 20 "TextBox" controls in your page and you want to restrict the cut, copy and paste in all the textboxes, then you do not need to write the disable code in each TextBox. In this scenario, you need to just write the disable code only in the "body" tag.
To explain such implementation, I will use the following procedure.

Step 1

Create an ASP.Net Empty Website named "My Project".

Step 2

Add a new web form named "Default.aspx" into it.

Step 3

Add 2 "TextBox" controls to the page named "Default.aspx" .

Step 4

On Cut: By this, you can disable the "Cut " facility in both of the "TextBox" Controls.
Syntax: oncut= “return false”;

On Copy: By this, you can disable the "Copy " facility in both of the "TextBox" controls.
Syntax: oncopy= “return false”;

On Paste: By this, you can disable the "Cut" facility in both of the "TextBox" controls.
Syntax: onpaste= “return false”;

To disable the All (Cut, Copy and Paste) in the entire page:


In this article, I have described how to restrict the user to use the cut, copy and paste facilities in the entire page and I hope it will be beneficial for you.

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