In this article we will learn that how you can speed up your development time if you have many projects in your solution. It is very simple.


Suppose we have many projects in our solution and we want to build only one project at a time so that our development time will be minimised. You all will think that it can be done simply by making one of your project as the start project. But my friends you cannot do it by that. This article is based on to show "How to speed up build time".


Suppose you have two Projects in our Solution Explorer.

First we will configure Visual Studio to set one of the two project as "Start Project" as the Current Selection in the "Solution Explorer" window using the properties of one of your projects.

Now if you will build it then both the project will be builded like....

Here in the above picture you can see that both of your project is going to build. Now you can imagine the time it will take if you have hundreds of project in your one solution.

In your Visual Studio just click on "Tools" then "Options". In that click on "Projects and Solutions" and then click on "Build and Run".Like the picture given below....

You just have to check the checkBox "Only build startup projects and dependencies on Run." Now if you will return to your application and then start the startup project you will get like this

Hope this helps