Today, we will explain about SQL Split Function to Split an Input String. Generally when posting an article in a blog, we have to define tags (Like  C#.NET, AJAX, ASP.NET,HTML) upon the article. We usually take these tags in a TextBox with separated them by comma(,). To insert these into database we have two ways to do.

First Method using C# :

Using C# you can split the TextBox items and use a for loop to insert into the database. Code is as follow.
string []tags = txtTags.Text.<span class="IL_AD" id="IL_AD10">Trim</span>().Split(',');
/* With for loop */
for (int i=0;i<tags.Count ;i++)
 /* perform db query with tags[i].ToSting();
/* with foreach */
foreach (string i in tags)
  /* perform db query with i.ToSting();

Second SQL Method :

Here in the SQL we pass the whole items of TextBox into SQL function to split it and then insert these into specific table. Lets see how to do this.
      @Input NVARCHAR(MAX),
      @Character CHAR(1)
      Item NVARCHAR(1000)
      DECLARE @StartIndex INT, @EndIndex INT
      SET @StartIndex = 1
      IF SUBSTRING(@Input, LEN(@Input) - 1, LEN(@Input)) <> @Character
            SET @Input = @Input + @Character
      WHILE CHARINDEX(@Character, @Input) > 0
            SET @EndIndex = CHARINDEX(@Character, @Input)
            INSERT INTO @Output(Item)
            <span class="IL_AD" id="IL_AD12">SELECT</span> SUBSTRING(@Input, @StartIndex, @EndIndex - 1)
            SET @Input = SUBSTRING(@Input, @EndIndex + 1, LEN(@Input))
-- Create a temporary table to insert tags
create #tblTemp
Id identity (1,1),
tag nvarchar(50)
-- Inserting into tmpTable
insert into #tblTemp (temp) values
SELECT Item FROM dbo.SplitText('ASP.NET,C#.NET,ADO.NET,JavaScript', ',') 
-- Seperated by Comma(,). Place any thing according to you.

Execute your SQL batch query to inserting the tags into table.

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