According to dailydotnettips website. Complex numbers are not new to numeral system. A complex number contains one real part and another imaginary part. We can easily implement such a Type, but with .NET 4.0 System.Numerics.dll contains a new Type (struct) called Complex which deals with Complex numbers .

You can represent a number in Complex form very easily using Complex type.
Lets see how :
Complex c = new Complex(4.4, 3.1);

You can even specify like this :
Complex c = 35.302;

Or like this :
Complex c = (Complex)35.302m;

So everything is taken care automatically. You can also use FromPolarCoordinates to take a complex number from its polar co-ordinates.
Complex c = Complex.FromPolarCoordinates(39.454834, 2.548454);

You can get each component of a Complex number using properties associated with it.

Real : Represents the Real part of the Number.
Imaginary : Represents the Imaginary part of the number.
Magintude : Gets the absolute value of the Complex number
Phase : Gets the phase of the complex number.

The complex number also exposes some of the important methods :

Sqrt (Square Root) etc.

For more information about Complex numbers please refer ComplexNumber
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